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Gold Necklace Dubai

Dubai is world famous for its great collections of gold and diamond jewellery of all sorts. In this article we would like to explore where you should go on the first place if you would like to buy gold necklace or gold necklace sets for daily wear or for special occasions. Although Dubai is world famous for housing the very best collections of international jewellers as well, this time we concentrate on the Dubai brands.

Dubai Gold Souk is the main place for you if you want to buy jewellery, such as gold necklaces in Dubai. Situated in the old district of Deira, the narrow streets of Gold Souk house more than 300 jewellery stores. Some of the key places to go here include:

Atlas Jewellery: one of the most successful jewelleries of Dubai, Atlas has stores in every Gulf countries. Atlas has large collections of diamond and gold necklaces. They work mainly with classic and white gold; their gold necklace collections are very famous, and you should not miss checking out their traditional Indian gold necklaces.

Taiba Jewellery: Taiba is the word for high quality gold in Dubai. The jewellery is the place to go if you want to see the biggest offer at one place. At Taiba, you can also check out traditional Arabic, Islamic and Indian jewellery. Taiba works with 18k and 22 K classic gold.

Joyalukkas: Famous for being the first Dubai jewellery, which got the ISO award, Joyalukkas still works with the highest quality standards. Joyalukkas has multiple gold necklace collections and they work mainly with classic gold.

Pure Gold Jewellers: Being the best improving and multiple award winning jewelleries of Dubai, Pure Gold has more than worthy collections of silver and gold necklaces, working with classic gold and different alloys, Pure Gold is one of the few, which also offers extensive collection of platinum jewellery.

Dubai Gold & Diamond Park: An unique place, the first in the world where jewellery makers can set up their whole business, with cheaper amenities and a store for them being an all-inclusive service. Located nearby Jumeirah district, the Gold and Diamond Park is highly visited.

Cara Jewellers: one tourist favourite, Cara Jewellery has great gold necklace and earring collections, offers quality diamond jewellery for reasonable price.

Al Liali: Being famous for its great collections of diamond jewellery, Al Liali also offers great diamond and white gold necklace sets for weddings.

Dhamani Jewellery: Being the only business that is allowed to make the Dubai Cut, Dhamani is world famous for its Dubai Cut diamond jewellery.

Dubai Gold Souk and the Gold & Diamond Park are the best likely places for you to get the gold necklace of your dreams for the best suitable price, however the whole of Dubai is full of jewellery stores, therefore you can find and choose quality gold necklaces for you basically anywhere in Dubai. Still, Gold Souk and the Gold and Diamond part as by far the most suggested, when it comes to price-quality connection.