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In Dubai, you can find all sorts of jewellery to your wish. Being the primary city, in not only the Middle East but also all around the world, which has by far the biggest offer of jewellery, Dubai is a city worth visiting for all the fans of high profile, silver, gold and platinum jewellery. In this article, we would like to concentrate on representing some of the most beautiful necklace collections of some of the best Dubai brands in order for you to see, the greatness of variety, materials and designs in Dubai.

Damas Jewellery: Being the Nr.1 jewellery brand of Dubai, Damas has the widest variety of necklace and watches sets to offer for its clients. Let us see some of the most memorable collections now:
• Mantoorah necklace sets: If you want to see traditional Arabic style jewellery, then its Mantoorah collection, which you ought to see. Representing the oriental beauty of gold and Arabic craftsmanship, this necklace set is one of the best in its league.
• Kiku necklace sets: This necklace collection represents some really modern and outstanding designs, made out of white and yellow gold decorated with first class white diamonds; Kiku has really created something remarkable.
• Hayati necklace sets: This is a great diamond necklace collection by Damas Jewellery representing sophisticated necklace and earring sets with a touch of oriental style yet perfect for all occasions. Hayati represents romantic heart necklaces with suiting pendants, and other great forms, which work the best with evening gowns for special occasions. The collection is made of both white and yellow gold items.

Malabar Jewellery: if you want to see one of the very few, that offers 24k gold jewellery and some of the most decorated and biggest necklaces in Dubai, you should not miss visiting Malabar jewellery.
• Kashmeera necklace sets: made out of Kashmiri gold and in authentic style, this is a highly oriental-folk style collection representing high profile handmade items solely for very special occasions.
• Meenakari necklace sets: Meenakari represents a unique Indian gold plating and decorating method in its art pieces, which you can see in its great necklaces and huge bracelets. A must-see collection!
• Turkish: this is a more sophisticated line with fine oriental touch yet with smaller jewellery, which is perfect to wear also during the day.

Al Liali Jewellery: Al Liali has a wide arrange of offer when it comes to beautiful necklaces and necklace sets. Its different collections represent necklaces in the below categories:
• Necklace sets with coloured stone: representing great necklace sets decorated with ruby, topaz or emerald not forgetting about the most beautifully coloured semi-precious gemstones.
• Gold necklace sets: Al Liali features primarily white gold necklace sets with diamonds, it has about 5 different styles that includes haute couture oriental and Indian style jewellery sets.
• Pearl necklace sets: Kimono and Sakura collections of Al Liali include some of the nicest pearl creations that you can see in Dubai.
• Diamond necklace sets: Al Liali is all about diamonds, you will be able to get to see about a hundred different styles and models of beautiful necklaces in Dubai.

As you can see, there are plenty of great necklace sets available in Dubai in different style and sort. We suggest you to visit all the above-listed jewelleries, because each one of them represents real unique sets of jewellery, although not exclusively, as Dubai is world famous for its great jewellery brands, which means, you have to come here and see it for yourself!